Easy Instant Pot (Duo Mini 3qt) Applesauce Mango

The best applesauce ever!

As an Instant Pot newbie I have tried the basics like cooking rice, making the incredible tuna fish casserole,  cooking beets and now this amazing and ever so easy quick and super delicious applesauce recipe with a touch of mango…you will never buy store bought again!

I like to start the short process by peeling, coring and cutting apples into chunk  size pieces, adding some water, lemon juice , butter, magic ingredient:  a couple of frozen, fresh, or dehydrated mango pieces..I also add some butter and honey to taste. Cook 5 minutes release natural, purée, and voila!

My Ingredients added to Instant Pot:

8 apples peeled cored and cut into pieces

Add 1/4 cup water, l/2 tsp lemon juice , mango pieces , 1 tsp butter and some honey for sweetness -stir to combine

Secure lid and cook on manual (high pressure) for 5 minutes. ..natural release.

Open your Instant Pot and use a potato masher or hand blender to purée , let cool before transferring to your favourite container .

Place in fridge , And use as needed: I love to eat it just like that and hubby likes it with his morning toast.

Enjoy and eat well!

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